About I Dream of... {by Jeanne}

My name is Jeanne.  I pronounce it like Jean.  I'm a Midwesterner living in the South.  I live with my two beautiful but stupid dogs.  When I'm not in pursuit of fabulousness, I'm fixing up my fixer upper, reading, or spending time with friends.

I write about my style, beauty, crochet, jewelery making, crafts, cooking, travel, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

I use this blog to explore and embrace my identity.

You can email me at idreamofjeanneblog@gmail.com.

Challenge Yourself.  Live Beautifully.  Love Your Life.

This blog is my constantly evolving manifesto, and the three elements in the tagline evoke the path I'm taking and the destination I'd like to find.

This blog is a venue for me to...
  • Challenge myself.  Those challenges may be large and ambitious or small and vain.  The biggest challenge is to build a life filled with wonder, delight and purpose.
  • See the beauty around and within me.  I can be overwhelmingly hard on myself, and I tend to live in extremes.  Finding beauty and value within myself is an ongoing struggle, but the more intrinsic beauty I find in myself, the more beauty I can see in the world around me.  I don't necessarily mean "damn, I'm sexy!" beauty (though that is nice too).  I'm more interested in the beauty that comes with self acceptance and self love.  As I've said before, hating yourself is unhealthy at any size.  
  • Find the joy and appreciation to love my life.  Hopefully as I work on the first two steps the third will come naturally.  I have so much to love in my life; it is often just a matter of seeing it.  
Would you like to know still more about  me?  Check out this post for 11 Things you might not know.

This is my blog.  I'll write what I want here.  I apologize in advance that it may be a vehicle for blatant narcissism, but that is the nature of blogs.  Consider yourself warned.