Summer Shoe Challenge

Every work day for the month of July I am wearing a different pair of shoes.  Weekends and holidays are a bonus.

Join me as I explore the wonders and mysteries of Shoetopia.

07/02: Coral Peep-Toe Flats
07/03: Lime Green Sandals
07/04: Chambray Sneakers

07/10: Sky-High Blue Sandals
07/11: Turquoise Floral Sandals
07/12: Red Patent Flats
07/13: Leopard Flats I
07/16: Gold Sandals
07/17: Leopard Flats II
07/18: Navy Polka Dot Flats
07/19: Leopard Flats III
07/20: Beaded Wedges
07/23: Studded Sandals
07/24: Leopard Flats IV
07/25: Leopard Flats V
07/26: Turquoise Beaded Sandals
07/27: Red Flats
07/30: Floral Sandals
07/31: Leopard Flip Flops

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