Thursday, March 29, 2012

Marvelous (Mahvelous)

To quote Billy Crystal as his character Fernando, "It doesn't matter how you feel, it's how you look."  And today I look marvelous.  I couldn't find the video on YouTube to embed, but the link above is worth a click.  The video and song are really funny.

Yesterday I felt like I had it all going on.  I liked my outfit, and I felt pretty good.  I'm not feeling great today.  I'm exhausted and more than a little nauseated.  That being said, I love this outfit.

I started the necklace and earring set while I was in Iowa earlier this month, and I just finished it last night.  I love the combination of turquoise and coral.  I think I am going to shorten it a little so you can see the small turquoise beads that are currently in the back.  The beautiful oval turquoise beads and red coral beads are from my friend Angie and my mom respectively.  It will be lovely to think of them each time I wear this jewelry.
This is quickly becoming one of my favorite dresses.  It is light and flowy and I love the combination of navy and turquoise.  I didn't think to pair it with red until I tried it with this jewelry, but I'm thrilled with the results!

Dress, thrifted; belt, thrifted; shoes, Montego Bay Club, Payless Shoes; necklace and earrings, handmade by me.

You can be assured that I will wear this exact outfit again one day when I'm feeling as marvelous as this outfit deserves.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Swamp Thangs

I've learned a lot about swamps and wetlands since moving to Georgia.  For example, did you know that
Swamp thang.

for an area to be consider a wetland it needs to have water, hydric soil and the presence of hydrophilic plants?  That's why my front yard was not a swamp even after our water supply pipe cracked this week and flooded the lawn.  It had water, but not the appropriate soil or vegetation.

I've also learned that sometimes in Georgia swamps have alligators.  The idea that there are alligators where I live blows my mind.  It's like having dinosaurs in the back yard.  (Luckily they aren't literally in my back yard.)

I'm swamped at work.  I'm swamped at home.  A swamp-themed outfit just seems appropriate.  I went with swampy colors and accessorized with creatures found in the swamp.  Swamp swamp swamp.  If only I had some alligator accessories.

Shirt dress, Miss Tina, Walmart; jersey dress, thrifted; sandals, Sofft, Younkers; butterfly earrings, Claire's; dragonfly earrings, handmade by me; lizard pendant, had since childhood; shell bracelet, flea market.

Butterfly, lily pad and dragonfly earrings.

It has been a few weeks since I wore two dresses at once.  These two are nice and light so they don't overwhelm me on a warm, sunny day.

Lizard necklace.
Snake shoes.

I last wore the patterned dress on February 10.  My hair has really grown a lot in the past six weeks.  I wore the shirt dress multiple times while I was in Iowa, but I didn't get any photos taken.
Flea market bracelet, less than $1.
My best swamp thang pose.

As you probably guess by the abundance of photos, I really like how this outfit turned out.  Suddenly being swamped doesn't seem like such a bad thing.  

In very happy news, the lovely Chenille has agreed to do a guest post on my blog AND she will soon be launching her etsy shop.  Huzzah!  Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


When I learned to crochet in February 2011 I never guessed how addicted I would become.  I find the repetitive motion of hooking stitch after stitch to be mind-numbingly relaxing.  I've decided to send my rainbow shawl to one of my friends, so I promise that the next thing I make will be for me.  I have crocheted dozens of projects over the past year, but I have only kept a couple items for myself.

This shawl is the first thing I ever made with "nice" yarn.  I suppose by nice I mean it's not 100% acrylic and not $2 per skein.  The yarn is Naturally Caron Spa, which is a bamboo and acrylic blend.  It is decadently soft and has a lovely sheen.  I also crocheted my necklace and beaded bracelet.

Dress, George, Walmart; shawl, handmade by me; shoes, Born, Younkers; shawl pin, gifted (thanks, Stephen); necklace, handmade by me; abalone pendant, farmer's market; abalone earrings, purchased in Cozumel; beaded bracelet, handmade by me.

Abalone is one of my favorite gems.  Is it a gem if it's shell?  I find the swirls of blue, green and purple truly enchanting.  Unfortunately it doesn't photograph very well.

Most days I take my photos and write my posts before work, but today I didn't get to it until the end of a long day.  I'm surprised by how well the outfit actually held up.

Monday, March 26, 2012

(In)Visible Monday

Today is Visible Monday, but I didn't feel like being visible.  I am having one of those days where my self esteem is just not in a comfortable place, and my stress level is through the roof.  How do I get visible and invisible at the same time?  I decided on this dress.  It is also convertible to be worn as a skirt.  I like it because it gives me all of the colorful visibility I could want without feeling exposed.

This dress is one of the outfits I wore for engagement photos with Stephen.
Mabe pearl pendant and mother of pearl earrings.

It's funny how the mind works.  On Friday I felt like a curvy hottie, and today I feel like a bit of a blob.  My body hasn't changed in those few days, but my mind is in a different place.  I suppose I didn't hurt that Stephen spontaneously told me I looked great in my dress Friday... though he still questioned my devotion to the rainbow shawl.
Engagement pic.

I am finally self-aware enough that I realize that feeling like the Incredible Hulk doesn't mean I am the Incredible Hulk, but it doesn't really help with how I feel in the moment.  I am working on loving myself unconditionally.  It seems like the right thing to do to love myself as much as I love my dogs.

This weekend I didn't get as much done as I had hoped I would.  The house still looks like a bomb of clothes and papers exploded in pretty much every room.  I managed to get the dogs washed and a mountain of laundry reduced to a few stray bits.  I also switched my shoe closet into summer mode.  I am sad to put my boots away but ready for sandals.

Last night I made a big batch of spaghetti and meat balls, so we will be eating that for the next couple days.  Yum!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Jeanne and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Shawl

Shawl of many colors.
Behold my amazing technicolor dream shawl.  I started it on the plane on my trip to Iowa, and I finished it last night.

Same pattern, but tasteful yarn.
It is the same Eva's Shawl pattern I used to make this ivory mohair shawl for my step mom, but I used a bigger hook this time for a lacier end product.  Also, I used some batshit crazy yarn.  The yarn is Serenity Garden Yarn in Gems.  It comes in a whole bunch of fun colorways.  It is a dralon microfiber, so it is very soft and hopefully will hold up well.  It was a lovely yarn to work with.

I am quite certain that this is Stephen's least favorite thing I've ever made.  He really thinks it is hideous.  Luckily, I like it.
Stephen gave me this beautiful abalone
shawl pin for Valentine's Day.

Now I am debating whether I will keep it or give it away.  I can keep it and vex my own husband, give it away to someone who is happily single, or give it to someone who can vex her significant other with it (unless her SO is color blind- then s/he might like it).

In the meantime, I had to at least take it for a test drive.  I don't know what today will hold, but I know there will be at least some rainbows and unicorns.  It can't be all bad.


Dress, Miss Tina, Walmart; shawl, handmade by me; shawl pin, gifted (thank you, Stephen!); belt, thrifted; shoes, Montego Bay Club, Payless Shoes; earrings, etsy; unicorn pendant, ebay.

The dress is somewhat va-va-voomier than I realized.  I was just going for a black dress to better showcase the shawl.  Thanks, Beyonce's Mom.

So what do you think?  Should I keep the shawl?  Give it to a friend?  Give it to a blog reader?

My Thai

Mmmm Thai food.  Dinner was tasty and the company was divine.  There was wit, style and charm.  I was there too.  I am incredibly jealous of the dress Chenille was wearing last night.  I immediately went home and searched for it on  Out of stock!
I asked Chenille if I could snap some pics of her gorgeous outfit, then I proceeded to sing RuPaul's Covergirl for modeling inspiration.  Is she fabulous or what?  Maybe if we ask nicely Chenille will do a guest post on this blog.  Please..... (Public, social blackmail...)

Obligatory chick pic.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Birds of a Feather

I am so fortunate to have encountered many wonderful, creative, intelligent women over the course of my life.  Some of them are related by blood, some by marriage and some through the bonds of friendship.  Some have drifted in and out of my life over the years, and that's ok.  Some will be in my life and heart forever.  I am grateful for all my friends, family and spirit sisters.

Tonight I am having dinner with one of my newer friends.  I met her soon after moving to Georgia.  Chenille is the whole package: clever, crafty and kind.  To celebrate our meeting of minds, I styled a swallow-themed outfit.  Swallows are my favorite bird because Cozumel is from the Mayan for "land of swallows," and I got married in Cozumel!  I know I've said that here before, but it makes me happy.

For whatever reason I actually feel like listing my sources for clothes this morning.  Dress, Coldwater Creek, thrifted; tank, thrifted; shoes, Montego Bay Club, Payless Shoes; earrings, Roth Jewelers; necklace, ebay; belt, gifted (thanks, Mom!).

You may notice that my hair has been styled like this all week.  For some reason I've been in a night showering mood, and I am too lazy to really style my hair after sleeping on it wet.  Bobby pins to the rescue!
Thai food for dinner tonight!  Yum!  Today is Thursday, and Thursdays are for Thrifters!