Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween's Coming Up Rosie

We're born naked and the rest is drag, and that is never truer than on Halloween.  This year I decided to channel my woman power into a Rosie the Riveter costume.  It couldn't be simpler to execute, and it's the best costume I've had in years.

Denim shirt, Walmart; jeans, Talbots; belt, thrifted; boots, Rack Room Shoes; button, made by me; bandana, Walmart; earrings,

I made the button with shrinky dink plastic and felt, just in case anyone wondered what my costume is supposed to be.  Even the kid who works at my gym recognized the concept.

When I got to work one of my coworkers lent me this giant wrench.  It really pulls the outfit together.


It was all I could do to restrain myself from posting all 20 or so photos I took.  How did you celebrate Halloween?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's What's Inside that Counts

I still love the x-ray effect of this t-shirt I crafted at Halloween last year.  I only wish I had remembered to wear it more this year.  I added a cutout felt heart to show that I do have a heart... and to tie the red hat and shoes into the outfit with another element.

Skeleton t-shirt, crafted by me; jeans, Talbots, blazer, thrifted; shoes, Younkers; earrings, Target; hat, Target.

I wore my trouser-style jeans from Talbots to bridge the work/casual divide, and a dressier blazer to bring the t-shirt and jeans up to business casual.  The overall dressiness of an outfit is determined by the average of its parts, right?  I guess by that logic I could wear a tiara and sweatpants to work.

We're having morale-improving spirit days at work, and today is hat day.  Unfortunately this hat is too small for my gigantic head.  I guess sometimes you have to suffer to improve your morale.

Fave Five: Last Minute Halloween Costumes

I love Halloween, but it has snuck up on me the past couple years.  Suddenly it's October 30 and I haven't planned my costume.

Last year's skeleton shirt.
Skeleton: One of my favorite DIYs was the skeleton t-shirt I made for Halloween last year.  It was ridiculously easy and it turned out great.  It wouldn't take much more effort to do up some matching sweatpants... and makeup if you're a real over-achiever.  I tried a number of Halloween costume craft ideas last year, but the skeleton shirt was my favorite.

Rosie the Riveter:  Guess what I'm wearing this year?  If you want to be comfortable and warm for Halloween, I think this costume is perfect.  Extra points for the woman-power message.

Witch: It's an oldie but goodie, and most of us can come up with everything but the pointy hat out of our day-to-day wardrobes.  I particularly like this version from Delia Creates.  She has a sickening spiderweb cape that I would wear any day.

Greek Goddess:  "Just add bedsheet" costumes are pretty great.  If you pin your sheet into a toga, you're a goddess.  If you throw it over your head, you're ghost.  Of the two I prefer goddess, but of course I do.

Fortune Teller:  Fortune Teller appeals to my inner raccoon.  Search your closet for flowy, bohemian clothes, add large quantities of gold jewelry, and carry around a garden gazing ball, tarot cards, or even playing cards.

**Bonus Idea** Fashion Blogger:  I think it would be very funny to be a fashion blogger for Halloween. Wear things that don't go together.  Call it pattern mixing.  Take selfies all day.  Tell people you're famous on the internet.  Congratulations, you're me.

For more ideas for quick, low-effort costumes, check out Real Simple Magazine and Buzzfeed.  

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

En Francais...

Stephen and I are headed to Paris next month.  Yay!  I am tremendously excited but tremendously nervous, as usual for me before a big trip.

I'm glad that I have much of my packing down-pat.  I know which beauty products are best for travel.  I know some of my most wanted souvenirs.  I've done some winter travel so I'm used to layering, multi-tasking, saving room for travel treasures.  I'm a little concerned about the walking.  It will be our primary means of conveyance, so I need everything to be warm, comfortable, and stylish.

Many of the website I've checked say to Parisians wear a lot of black, but that sound boring.  I want to keep my joie de Jeanne.

I also need to brush up on my French before I go.  I don't want to hear more derisive French laughter than necessary.

Have you been to Paris?  What advice to you have for staying warm, comfortable, and stylish?

Working in the Great Outdoors

I have a desk job, so most days the only task I really have to be able to do at work is sit.  Today I spent most of the day outdoors, on my feet for an event.  I dressed for come-what-may.

Sweater, thrifted; turtleneck, Target; jeans, Sam's Club; sneakers, Target; earrings, gifted (thank you, Chenille).

It's hard to simultaneously look cute and be ready to get down and dirty as necessary, but I think I nailed it. The sneakers were comfortable, especially with the Dr. Scholl's Active Series replacement insoles slipped in.

I like the grey leopard with the grey sweater, and the addition the leopard sneakers made for a pattern mixing party: leopard and sweater and leopard and leopard.  I love the pretty closures on this sweater.  It is a thrifted Woolrich piece, and I'm hoping I'll have lots of years of wear with it.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Bold and Blue-tiful

My friend Chenille gave me this skirt for Christmas last year.  I love its bold pattern, but pairing with it has been a bit of a challenge.  When it's right, though, it's right.  Today, it's right.

Jacket, thrifted; shirt, thrifted; skirt, gifted (thanks, Chenille!); shoes, Rack Room Shoes; necklace, ebay, earrings, Claire's.

I think this jacket will get a lot of wear this fall and winter.  The bold color is a nice contrast on grey days, and the wool gives warmth that synthetic blazers can't match.

Friday, October 25, 2013

You've Got to Hand It to Me

Let's call today's outfit equestrian... Westeros Style.  I combined the wonderfully whimsical high stepping skirt from with blazer, blouse, and boots... and finished it all off with my authentic reproduction Hand of The King pin.  That's how I roll.

Blazer, thrifted; blouse, thrifted; skirt,; boots, thrifted; earrings, handmade by me; necklace, ebay; pin,

I like that this necklace has a toothy/claw-y/armor-y/centipede vibe.  I spent much of the day showing off my fancy pin to my coworkers.  Some got it; some didn't.  I think my enthusiasm made it amusing for all of them.

I pair my higher-end pieces (like the skirt) with thrifted and handmade pieces.  The blouse, blazer, and necklace each cost just $1, and the boots were under $10.  

If you'd like a whimsical but classic skirt like this one, you can get $30 off your first order with coupon code JEANNEZ8GL.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Your First eShakti Order is $30 Off

You'll notice I'll be tagging posts with an coupon in the coming days and weeks.  You can get $30 off your first purchase from the site with coupon code JEANNEZ8GL.

Eshakti has a great mix of classic and whimsical pieces, any of which will be a part of your wardrobe for the long-haul.  I've been very happy with every aspect of eShakti quality, style, and service.  Eshakti products can be purchased by size (from 0 to 36W), customized with your choice of neckline, hem length, and sleeves, or custom-made to fit your measurements.  
Perfectly classic, but never boring.
Wish dresses, waists are never wasted.
I have received two eShakti pieces at no charge in exchange for reviews, but I have purchased four dresses and a skirt from them with my own hard-earned cash.  That's the real review.  If you do use the JEANNEZ8GL, you can combine it with the sites' current promotion.  Right now it is buy 2, get 1 free.  The code is good through November 30, 2013.
My next purchase
will likely be another sheath,
Image Credit:
I've been dreaming of this dress since it
was released.  It is so simple in concept,
but so bold in effect.
Image Credit:

*While this post isn't strictly sponsored, I will receive a discount if you use my coupon code.


Today Kristin told me I look like a starlet.  By the time I got around to taking photos I had gone supernova, but you'll take Kristin's word for it, right?

Sweater, I don't remember; dress,; tights, Walmart; shoes, Younkers; earrings, I don't remember; necklace, thrifted.

This dress always feels special.  It is a perfectly fitted sheath.  The red shrug and shoes added just the right contrast.

If you'd like a perfectly fitted dress like this one, you can get $30 off your first order with coupon code JEANNEZ8GL.