Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Results: No Bones About It

Yesterday I told you how you could make lightning-fast, last-minute Halloween costumes, and here are the results.  My shirt turned out better than I initially thought it would, but I still wish I had started with slightly smaller lines to account for bleach bleeding.  As it is I just look big boned.
Warm and cozy when layered with a hoodie.
I wore my skull earrings because they just
don't get enough wear.

The dogs' costumes turned out well too.   Wonton was told she looked adorable by almost everyone who came to our house... but I suppose that's normal for her.
Stephen is hiding behind the couch.
Wonton is a good helper.

I would/could have done more with my shirt if I had more bleach pens and time.  I think it would have been cool to make the shirt two-sided, and it would have improved the effect to add a pair of skeleton sweat pants or leggings.

We had fun sitting on our front steps, passing out candy, and checking out all the costumes.  I can hardly wait for Halloween next year.

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