Friday, May 18, 2012

Cake Hawk

You should probably just go ahead and skip this post.  I'll write a real post later.

Cake Hawk
Last night I went to a volunteer recognition at a nature park, and there was a taxidermied hawk on the table next to the cake.  This led me to think of all kinds of "information" about Cake Hawk and what he was doing on the dessert table.  

  • Thank you, volunteers. Cake Hawk hopes you know just how much he cares. 
  • Cake Hawk says: no cake for you.
  • The trap is set. Now Cake Hawk waits.
  • Cake Hawk is a little offended that you find him unsanitary.
  • Life is no cake walk, Cake Hawk.
  • The secret ingredient is hawk.
  • Cake Hawk would like a corner piece.
  • Would you like cake or hawk?
  • The dessert buffet is not vegetarian... wait, is hawk a vegetable?
  • Light, fluffy, delicious. The cake was good too.
  • We go together like cakes and hawks.
  • In a cruel twist of fate, Cake Hawk is diabetic.
  • Cake Hawk is judging you.
  • Cake Hawk, the official raptor of dessert.
  • Cake Hawk is always a gracious host. 
  • More Cake Hawk and less filler.
  • What? You've never seen a Cake Hawk?
  • Cake Hawk is not amused, Jeanne.
  • Cake Hawk just wants someone to love him... but cake will do in a pinch. 
  • Cake Hawk doesn't know why people call him that.
  • Cake Hawk shows great discipline. He hasn't touched the cake and hasn't blinked in 23 years.
  • Cake Hawk has no sweet tooth. He has no teeth at all.
  • Cake Hawk wants to have his cake and eat it too.
  • Cake Hawk says: let them eat cake.
  • Cake Hawk has a sweet tooth.  Wait, do hawks have teeth?  Someone call National Geographic.
  • Cake Hawk says: knock knock mother plucker.
  • It's Cake Hawk's party and he'll cry if he wants to.
  • Cake Hawk says this should be a piece of cake.
Sorry, sometimes these things happen.  I've had a long and awful week.  I may have blown some sort of fuse in my brain.

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