Saturday, May 12, 2012

Copy (Writing) Cat

This is one of the rare outfits that Stephen commented on spontaneously.  This morning he told me I look pretty and springy.  I like that he doesn't give the rubber stamp to everything I wear.  I like his genuine comments and compliments.

My creative juices are flowing today, and I'm excited for the work work to be over so the recreational work can begin.  I have ideas for some more fun jewelry that I plan on making this weekend.  I'm also doing some freelance copy writing, and I'm writing copy for some items I'm listing in Chenille's etsy shop So & So.

Chambray shirt, Talbots, thrifted; tank, Oscar de la Renta; skirt, Southern Lady, thrifted; belt, thrifted; silver bracelet, gifted (thanks Mom!); glass bracelets; thrifted; necklace and earrings, gifted (thanks Stephen); shoes (not pictured), Rack Room Shoes.

In May Challenge news, I have not eaten grain, flour, added sugars, or starchy veggies in 12 days.  Amazing, right?  (Ok, I did have a little piece of egg boat when I visited Chenille last weekend, but this is about lifestyle, not a food dictatorship.)  It hasn't been too hard.  Most of it has been a cake walk (but not literally because I haven't been eating cake).  I'm eating lots of vegetables, legumes, nuts, and dairy and some lean meat and fruit.  I'll write a better update next week.  I've also been crossing lots of things off my to-do list that have languished there for far too long.  Yippee!

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