Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May: Because I'm Worth It

This is not a post about L'Oreal (though I love L'Oreal Infallible LipColour).  This is a post about how I haven't been taking care of myself.  It is a long post, and if you're only interested in the style component of this blog, check out some of my favorites.

“Out of our beliefs are born deeds; out of our deeds we form habits; out of our habits grows our character; and on our character we build our destiny.”~Henry Hancock 

As I alluded yesterday, I've been thinking a lot about the way habits drive my life.  I am not satisfied with the destiny I have been building, so the time has come to re-examine the deeds and habits that are shaping my path.

For me, the basis of any habit is planning (or lack thereof).  This may be is letting my geek flag fly, but I enjoy planning.  I feel more secure when I have a plan.  As Stephen recently pointed out, I even like planning about planning.  I like it when my life is sorted into lists and schedules.  I don't like things being up in the air.  

The problem with life for the past couple years is that it has laughed at my planning.  I have gone from a regimented single gal who got up every morning at 5 to lift weights, to engaged, planning a wedding, getting married, moving across country, family crises, health problems and more.  Eventually (probably about a year ago), I threw up my hands and stopped trying to plan.  This was bad for me.  I need a new way to plan.  

Part of this is about weight.  I have gained around 60 pounds in the past three years.  I hate admitting it to myself, so I'm not sure why I'm telling the interwebs.  It doesn't affect my value as a person, but it has affected the way I experience the world.  

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I am tackling the terrible D word: diet.  I have dabbled here and there in the past couple years, but I haven't devoted myself to it.  Now is that time.  I don't give particular credence to named diets, but I am going to try The South Beach Diet Supercharged.  Not because I think it is magical or the only way, but because I want something to help me break out of my sugar/carb comfort food rut, I don't feel like counting anything and I like structure and rules .  (Geek flag still flying.)  This way the "rules" are already set and all I have to do is follow them.

The next step is exercise.  I know I love exercise.  I really do, but since I haven't been doing much lately I am starting small.  My friend Beth recently completed a 30 days of biking challenge, and I am using her as inspiration for my own 30 days of walking challenge.  Walking is about the easiest form of exercise there is, and it is as portable as my own two feet.  Check the Daily Mile widget in the sidebar to the right to check my progress.  
“First we make our habits, then our habits make us.” ~Charles C. Noble
My notebook: where the magic happens.
So here is my planning plan:  I have a handy notebook that will be my primary planning repository.  I have a sheet at the beginning of each week where I will put to do lists for the week.  They are categorized as high priority, low priority, and @ some point.  Pretty much everything goes on a list: from diet and exercise to transferring my old 401k to making appointments to crafting and reading.  I like writing things down.  I like checking things off.  That's just how much mind functions best.  I have tried various apps for my phone, but they just don't work as well for me as pen and paper.

This isn't going to become a diet blog or a fitness blog, but I am continuing the mission expressed in my blog manifesto:

Challenge Yourself.  Live Beautifully.  Love Your Life.

I will have some updates about my challenge progress interspersed with my regular style and creative posts.

At the end of the month I hope (and plan) to be on a firmer footing.  I plan to be feeling better, be more organized and be ready to take the next steps on this journey called existence.  Wish me luck.

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  1. Good for you, Jeanne. I can't wait to see your progress, which I believe will be fabulous!


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