Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jersey Girl

This is yesterday's outfit.  It was a comfy, comfy outfit.

Have you caught on that the primary goal of my outfit choices this week has been comfort?  I almost wore pants again yesterday, and usually the reason I wear pants is because I'm feeling exhausted and/or lazy.  Luckily I remembered this dress just in time.  It's another Goodwill find (from an excursion with the fabulous Chenille), and it is the perfect combination of feels like a giant t-shirt/bath robe and looks like I give a damn.   I really love jersey material dresses for that reason.  All the reward without the effort.
Dress, Newport News, thrifted; shoes, Predictions, Payless Shoes; earrings, World's Window; necklace, handmade by me.

I didn't try to take photos until the end of the day, and by then I didn't have much patience to try.  These were the only two that came even close to turning out, and right after taking them I changed into my grubby clothes to help my mom work on her house.  We're making progress!

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