Monday, November 19, 2012

Fave Five: Ideas for Instant Apple Cider

I'm starting a new series that I'm calling Fave Five.  I plan on intermittently sharing five ideas, facts, tips, etc. that haven't fit into another post.  I picked five because I like alliteration and because if I can think of five ideas that go together then I have enough material for a stand-alone post.

Sweet and spicy apple chai
I've been drinking a lot of hot beverages lately, and I started to feel creative with my instant apple cider.  Instant cider might not be the fanciest drink, but it is convenient.  I usually drink the sugar-free kind, so I can swill gallons of it without consuming a week's worth of calories.
  • Add Mulling Spices: The quickest, easiest way to add flavor to instant apple cider is by adding mulling spices when you add water to the mix.  Fill a Tea Infuser Ball with mulling spices (my mix has cinnamon, cloves, orange peel, etc.), and allow it to steep in the cider for a few minutes before drinking.
  • Then Add Spiced Rum:  You can make your cider a 21+ hot beverage with a splash of spiced rum.  I still recommend the mulling spices first.
Refreshing apple punch
  • Add Ginger Ale: When you make your mulled instant cider, set some aside for later.  Once it is cool you can pour it over ice with some ginger ale for a cold, sparkling, spiced-apple punch.
  • Then Add Spiced Rum: You saw this coming, right?  A splash of spiced rum is tasty addition whether the drink is hot or cold.
  • Make a Spiced Apple Chai Tea (ish) Drink: Make a cup of chai tea.  (My favorite is Stash Premium Chai Spice Black Tea.)  You may also want to add mulling spices, depending on how much spice you would like.  Once the tea is brewed add the cider mix and milk.  I have an espresso machine, so I steam the milk.  
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