Friday, November 2, 2012

A Message for Your Mind (Plus Bonus Message)

Yesterday I joined Chenille in doing something very important... Voting!  Voting is the best.  I do it at every opportunity.  To paraphrase the Tammany Hall politicians, vote early, vote as often as legally allowed.  I actually tend to get a little choked up when I vote.  It is just such a privilege.

Dress, thrifted; t-shirt, gifted (thanks Stephen!), available on; tights, Younkers; shoes, Payless Shoes; belt, Walmart; earrings, gifted (thanks Chenille!); buttons and cuff, Claire's.

I bought these leopard tights when I was visiting Iowa last spring.  They were on final clearance for under $2, but I knew even then that Winter Is Coming, so I grabbed every pair in my size.

I met Stephen four years ago yesterday, and we went on our first date November 4, 2008.  I also voted that day.  That was quite the exciting day for me!

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