Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm Not Lion... Yet

Maybe it is inspiration from House Lannister in the Song of Ice and Fire series, but I have been loving lion-themed apparel lately. 

Photo credit: Honestly WTF
I am going to make a lion belt like this one from Honestly WTF.  I ordered enough lion door knockers to make lion door knocker shoes too.  Stay tuned for lion belt fun.

Photo credit: The Last Goddess

Speaking of lion shoes, I desperately want to try my hand at crafting a pair similar to these Christian Louboutin lion paw shoes. I don't have an extra $5,000 sitting around to buy the real thing.  (They probably don't come in size 11 anyway.)  I need to "paw" through my closet to see if I have any pumps I could sacrifice to the experiment.

Who wouldn't want their feet to look like lions' paws?

ETA: The lion knocker drawer pulls shipped today! (12-7)  I will soon be able to make the lion door knocker belt of my dreams.

What is in a Name?

I think this blog may need a different name.  I was originally thinking of a play on I Dream of Jeannie, but then it gets confusing because my name is pronounced like Jean.

Also, the current name makes me sound like an even bigger narcissist because it sounds like I am dreaming about myself.

I will continue navel gazing and may try out some different names.  At this point this is a private blog, so I am mostly talking to myself.  And a few friends.  And my dear husband.  And my mom.  Hi Mom!

Tied Up

I know this outfit has a lot going on, but I love it.  It seems like a fitting visual metaphor for work this week, where I also have a lot going on.  It is also fitting that it is tied up and wild!  A nice, crazy outfit like this can make me smile during a hectic day. 

I need something to carry me through today, and it's not sleep.  I couldn't fall asleep until after midnight last night, and I woke up at 5:30 this morning with a headache.  I finally admitted defeat at 6:30 when I realized sleep was not returning.  Caffeine and crazy outfit to the rescue!*


Chain print dress, London Times, Marshalls; corset belt, thrifted; leopard jacket, thrifted; scarf, Walmart; tights, Target; buckle and strap detail boots, Relativity, Younkers; earrings, gifted (thanks Mary Ann!); pearl and chainmail necklace, Trinkets By M, etsy; twisted silver cuff, gifted (thanks Mom!), twisted silver, copper, and brass cuff, made in high school jewelry class; silver cuff with twist detail, thrifted; rings, made in high school jewelry class.


Apparently I like posing on one foot.  I embrace my inner flamingo.  Whee!


 * After seeing the pictures, this outfit is not nearly as crazy as I thought it was.  Hopefully it will still get me through the day.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Joy and Pain

My mother says I am a tropical flower, and she doesn't know how I survived in Iowa as long as I did.  Today I live in Georgia, but winter is still painful for me.  Being cold is a type of pain.  This time of year I rely on layers and boots.  I think the boots contribute as much psychologically as they do physically.  Oh, the joy of boots.

Today's pair is from Younkers.  I watched them all fall and winter last year until they finally were reduced to the "take an additional 80% from the lowest marked price" range.  My buy price.  They are so comfortable I could walk around in them all day.

The layers let me add and subtract levels of warmth so I can be comfy all day.  It is also fun and distracting to try out different looks with the same outfit over the course of the day.

Purple sweater, Mossimo, Target; purple lace tank, George, Walmart; green pleather jacket, Joy, thrifted; paisley pashmina, ebay; black lace skirt, Kathy Ireland thrifted; purple tights, Target; black riding boots, Clarks, Younkers; cluster lever back earrings, Cozumel; dragonfly pendant, Cozumel.

You can't tell in the photos how purple these tights are.  They are purple.