Thursday, May 3, 2012

Attitude Rant

When I lived in Iowa I was fortunate enough to get to know speaker and goal coach Matt Booth.  The most important thing I took away from my experiences with him is the importance of attitude.  As Matt says, checking your attitude is like brushing your teeth.
"If you don't brush your teeth, your mouth stinks, and if you don't check your attitude, your attitude stinks."  
Sometimes we just need a little reminder that we choose our own adventure in this life, so we might as well choose to enjoy it.

Last night I was exposed to some of the worst attitude I've heard in a while.  I overheard a woman talking about running, especially 5k races.

"If it's a race you can't walk," she said.  "If you can't run the whole thing you just shouldn't do it."
This caught my attention because I have run/walked a number of 5ks and I know many, many people who have done the same.

Gadget has a great attitude towards alternating walking and
running: he says yes, please.
The woman continued on to say that she would never do a race.  She does not run or even exercise at all.  She said she is "just not competitive" and has no desire to do it.  Who the hell does she think she is to make rules for people and situations that don't even apply to her?

I could delve into her motivation- is she insecure about her own abilities and so wanting to cut down the aspirations of others?- but I don't know this woman from Eve.

I think the take home lesson here is don't make rules for others.  Live your life.  Check your attitude. You do you, and let others do the same.

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