Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lookin' Good, Feeling Bloggy

I am now a blogger.  It's official.  I have giggled every time I looked at this outfit on the hanger this week.  Five months and 200+ posts in, and I'm finally mixing stripes and dots.  I'm so edgy.  I got both the cardigan and the skirt at Goodwill with my mom last weekend.  She has a really nice Goodwill right by her new house.  It's a sign!

Blogging has encouraged me to try new things, and, while I might have worn this outfit before I started blogging, I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I am today.  The stripes!  The anchor-embellished buttons!  The dots!  The flowers!
Cardigan, thrifted; tank, thrifted; skirt, Southern Lady, thrifted; shoes, Dexter, Payless Shoes; earrings, etsy; necklace, handmade and gifted (thanks Chenille!).

I love that the brand on this skirt is Southern Lady.  Not surprisingly I had never seen this brand in the North, but I see it all the time at Goodwill here.  

Today is Thursday and Thursdays are for Thrifters, and I'm thrifting all week!  Click to see all the thrifted gems I found last weekend.

In other news, the Everybody, Everywear theme for May is Nautical.  I'm excited to try out some sea-worthy looks!


  1. I love this - you pulled off the pattern-mixing effortlessly. Also enjoying how that skirt looks like something Anthro would carry yet you got it for probably $100 less than what they would be selling it!

  2. Yes, I paid $1.75 for the skirt. :-)

  3. I absolutely adore all the elements of this outfit- I love naval, polka dots and daisies, so you're my epitomy of loveliness! You look lovely I love that I get to see lovely new people through Thursdays are for thrifters! Tis charming to meet you!


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