Friday, May 4, 2012


Today I was asked to help judge the upcycling component of a middle school ecology competition.  No, I don't have any qualifications for this role, but I accepted enthusiastically.  There were some really great upcycled creations.

From left: birdfeeder, pot garden, water filtration, toy boat, patio lights,
seed starter, and end table.
 Upcycling is reusing an object in a new way without degrading the material it is made from, as opposed to recycling which generally involves breaking down the original material and making it into something else, using more energy.

It was really terrific to see the creativity that the kids applied to their projects.  The rules for the projects were pretty broad.

Coffee pot made into fish tank/
night light.  Love it!

"Plarn."  Plastic bags cut into strips and crocheted like yarn.

Patio lights made from 2 liter bottles and Christmas lights.
As I understand it, they were asked to create a usable, functional item out of discarded materials.  It could not solely be art.  The item had to be usable and durable beyond the first demonstration use.

If you're feeling inspired to try your own upcycling, check out this cool website.

Image Credit: Scholastic
Ms. Frizzle
My outfit today is sort of upcycled too.  The dress is another one from the giant church rummage sale with my mom.  I hacked about a foot off the length, and now I love it.  The belt is from Goodwill.  One of my coworkers has remarked that I remind her of Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus, so I decided today I would Frizzle it up with a nature-themed outfit: cicada earrings, dogwood flower necklace, floral dress.

Dress, Coldwater Creek, thrifted; tank, Oscar de la Renta; belt, thrifted; sandals, Bare Traps, Younkers; earrings, etsy; necklace, thrifted.

Make sure you check out the rest of this week's outfits.  I wore new-to-me thrifted clothing all week.

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