Tuesday, October 29, 2013

En Francais...

Stephen and I are headed to Paris next month.  Yay!  I am tremendously excited but tremendously nervous, as usual for me before a big trip.

I'm glad that I have much of my packing down-pat.  I know which beauty products are best for travel.  I know some of my most wanted souvenirs.  I've done some winter travel so I'm used to layering, multi-tasking, saving room for travel treasures.  I'm a little concerned about the walking.  It will be our primary means of conveyance, so I need everything to be warm, comfortable, and stylish.

Many of the website I've checked say to Parisians wear a lot of black, but that sound boring.  I want to keep my joie de Jeanne.

I also need to brush up on my French before I go.  I don't want to hear more derisive French laughter than necessary.

Have you been to Paris?  What advice to you have for staying warm, comfortable, and stylish?

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