Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween's Coming Up Rosie

We're born naked and the rest is drag, and that is never truer than on Halloween.  This year I decided to channel my woman power into a Rosie the Riveter costume.  It couldn't be simpler to execute, and it's the best costume I've had in years.

Denim shirt, Walmart; jeans, Talbots; belt, thrifted; boots, Rack Room Shoes; button, made by me; bandana, Walmart; earrings,

I made the button with shrinky dink plastic and felt, just in case anyone wondered what my costume is supposed to be.  Even the kid who works at my gym recognized the concept.

When I got to work one of my coworkers lent me this giant wrench.  It really pulls the outfit together.


It was all I could do to restrain myself from posting all 20 or so photos I took.  How did you celebrate Halloween?

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  1. Very nice. Love the female power look. Only thing better would be a snug pair of Levi's


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