Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Green Jeanne

The disadvantage of a Shoe Challenge for me is that I over-think what I wear on my feet each day.  I am torn between wearing a pair that I like with the day's outfit and saving/hoarding them to wear later in the month.  I think these are one of only two pairs of green shoes, so I hope I don't regret using their turn so early.  Though if that's my greatest regret this month I'm doing pretty well.

Gauzy shirt, George, Walmart; tank, thrifted; slacks, Star City, Younkers; sandals, Fabulaire, Rack Room Shoes, necklace, earrings, and bracelet, handmade by me.
My deck looks like it will probably give you tetanus.
 I was up far, far too early yesterday morning, and nothing in my closet seemed to work.  I pre-planned my outfits this week, but I was a sartorial Goldilocks when it came time to get dressed.  All my planned outfits were too tight, too loose, too hot, or just not right by some arbitrary measure in my head.  All things considered, I think this worked out okay.

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