Thursday, July 12, 2012

Red and Blue Redo

Today is the second time this week that I've chosen a red and blue palette.  Tuesday was bright red and cobalt, today is wine red and navy.  This dress really appeals to me, especially to my sense of laziness and love of comfort.  Unfortunately the camera doesn't seem to love this dress as much as I do.  These are the only two photos that turned out semi-okay.

Dress, thrifted; camisole, thrifted; shoes, Naturalizer, Younkers; crocheted necklace, handmade by me; earrings, purchased at a craft fair.

The fabric for this dress is an incredibly soft jersey material.  The uneven hem line is kind of weird, but I kind of like it too.  

I went with flat, sensible shoes today because my right knee has been hurting like crazy since yesterday morning.  It may be from jogging the last few weeks, or it may be from the nearly 6 inch heels I wore on Tuesday.  I took today off from both jogging and heels, and hopefully tomorrow I can resume the former.

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