Wednesday, July 9, 2014


The more time passes between wearing an outfit and blogging about it, the harder it is to describe.  The parts are all still there, but what makes each piece special is how I feel wearing it.  If I don't remember how I felt, it doesn't matter what it looked like.  You know what this means... I don't remember what I felt like wearing this, but this is what I looked like.

Dress,; sweater, Walmart; shoes, Target; necklace, gifted (thanks, Tracey!); earrings, swapped.

One thing I haven't forgotten is how touched I was that my friend and coworker Tracey saw this necklace and thought of me.  She's right- it's a color palette I love.

Accessory detail, shoe detail, and we're done!  This blogging thing is like riding a bike.  I sometimes forget how and crash.

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