Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Reviews and Re-Runs

I took these photos at the end of the day yesterday, so the cosmetics reviewed from my June ipsy Glam Bag had been on for about 11 hours.  I was pleased by how the primer kept my foundation looking fresh, and the eye products stayed firmly in place.

Dress,; shrug, It's Our Time, thrifted; shoes, Mossimo, Target; earrings, thrifted; necklace, handmade by me.

I need to get back in practice for posing for photos.  I just feel awkward doing it right now.

You may notice that I'm wearing the same shoes and necklace as I was in my last OOTD photos.  Access to my wardrobe is limited right now because I'm in the midst of home improvement.  The large majority of my shoes and nearly all of my jewelry is inaccessible, and all of my clothes are crammed into a corner of my living room.
You can see my bed in the lower right-hand corner of the frame.
I'm roughing it a bit until my floors are refinished.
Soon my floors will be refinished, my walls will be painted, and all of my duds, kicks, and baubles will be at my fingertips once more.  Until then, I'll dream with my head six inches from my dresses and my toes six feet from my dogs.

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