Thursday, February 11, 2016

No Bolo

When I first saw this necklace (at a yard sale) it was wadded up in a Ziploc bag and I thought it was a bolo tie.  I was irrationally disappointed that it is actually a necklace.  I don't know why I wanted it to be a bolo tie.  I still love it.

Jacket, Old Navy; dress, Calvin Klein, Ross; leggings, Faded Glory, Walmart; boots, Frye, Goody Two Shoes; necklace, yard sale; earrings, who knows.

I have been living in these Frye engineer boots (and their black twins) ever since I found them at Goody Two Shoes.  Goody Two Shoes is a small, local store sells prestige-brand seconds at a fraction of the original cost.  Want Frye, Coach, and other high-end shoes for as little as $100 or less?  Hop a plane to Augusta and head to Goody Two Shoes.

This sweater dress was saved by the power of leggings.  Since I've gained weight recently, many of my dresses have fit shorter.

I've also started a second blog.  I want to keep the focus of this blog primarily beauty and style, and my new blog, tentatively called Love is the New Hate, will primarily cover self-acceptance and self-care.  Because if you can't love yourself, how the in hell are you gonna love somebody else?
Can I get an amen?

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