Sunday, January 31, 2016


I'm a goal-oriented gal.  If I make a goal, write it down, and make a plan, chances are I'll check off the steps until I've seen it through.  If I don't do those three things, well, I'm disoriented.
I'm one of those people who has never stopped carrying a paper calendar.
And one of those people with a personal mission statement.  
I spent most of 2015 disoriented.  I completed plenty of projects on my new house, but I did very little to nurture and support my physical and mental health and balance.  2016 is already off to a better start.  For January, I set goals to blog four times, work out three times per week, list items for sale on ebay and etsy, and clean the house for 15 minutes each weeknight.  Effective the end of this post, I've completed those goals.   It's 9:30 pm on January 31, so I'm squeaking just under the wire.

January was a good month.  I'm ending it happier and healthier than I began.  I got to visit my mom and my sister..  I helped a friend set up his very cool esty shop, Skulls and Skullduggery.  January was good.  Hopefully February will be even better.  I'll be back to post at least four more times.  

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