Sunday, January 3, 2016

Lost and Found

My New Year's Day was spend with these dogs.  Please note that
I'm still a style blogger so I coordinated the dogs to the sweater and
the sweater to the couch.  
2015 was a hard year for me.  It was a year of loss.  My beloved pug died after 16 years of being my daily companion.  I adopted another dog, Toro, and he was a bad fit for me and Widget.  And, as I mentioned in my previous post, I got divorced.  It was a hard, hard year.  On top of the big losses, I had myriad little ones.  All the little things I haven’t been able to find since my move.  Treasured Christmas ornaments that didn’t seem to make it into my boxes.  Things that were fairly distributed to my ex-husband, but the absence of those things still stings.  Such is life. 

In spite of the losses, large and small, I feel like I am starting 2016 richer.  I found a home.  I’ve worked very hard and made it mine.  I have two dogs who love me and each other. 

This evening I finally sorted through my jewelry chest.  It was heavily jostled in the move, and everything was tangled and out of place.  I knew it would be an ordeal- and it was- and that’s why I had put it off for the nearly 10 months.  I’ve been wearing the same half-dozen or so pairs of earrings for nearly a year. That had to end!  I found so many treasures buried in the clutter of those drawers.  I found trinkets from my travels, family mementos, and things that touched my eye or my heart for various reasons.  I also found a lot of junk.  I found things I don’t like.  There were gifts I’ll never wear again.  Things that were cheap, unsentimental impulse purchases.  The things that didn’t bring me joy had to go.  I sorted through and dumped handfuls of beaded confection into a gallon Ziploc bag.  When I was done, all I could see were the things I love. 

I lost a lot in 2015, but I found so much more.  I found strength that I didn’t know I had, love and support I didn’t feel I deserved, and I found the will to let go of the parts of my life that don’t bring me joy. 

Life is good for me and Ursa today.  Ursa's life would be even better
if I would just share my waffles. 
I am going to post more this year.  My life is good, and I want to share it. You can expect to hear some about loss, but much more about finding my place. 
Happy New Year. 

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