Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lazy Legs

I have worn pants or leggings every work day since last Monday.  The horror!  It started because I was bitten by an ant and my ankle swelled up like a balloon.  (Surprise, I'm allergic to ants!)  It kept going because I was tired and lazy.

Tunic/dress, BRAND, swapped; leggings, OP, Walmart; woven belt, thrifted; shoes, Dr. Scholl's Joliet Ballet Flat*; Amazon; earrings, Target; glasses, Zenni Optical.

The belt came from a weekend visit to the Catholic Social Services thrift shop.  It was a dollar.  It is colorful woven pattern.  Also, these prescription glasses were $12.95!  Get over to Zenni Optical and get yourself some!

This long tunic/very short dress came from my most recent clothing swap.  If you haven't had a swap yet, why haven't you?  You share the clothing you don't wear with friends who will enjoy it.  You take home fun styles you might not have tried before.  Everyone gets something they like, and it doesn't cost you any money.  

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  1. The glasses are perfect! I hope the swelling has fully gone? Kx


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