Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Sweater Dress Secret

I'll try to get back to my normal photography soon.  This business of taking photos late at night is for the birds.  My favorite part of today's outfit is the jacket.  I wish I had managed better photos of it.  It seems to be from the 80s, and I like the vibrant colors and different sized buttons.

Jaacket, thrifted; sweater dress, Victoria's Secret; tights, Walmart; earrings, Arts in the Heart; necklace, gifted (Thank you, Jason!).

My favorite things to buy from Victoria's Secret are sweater dresses and boots.  I have found great buys on both of those categories over the years in the clearance section of their website.  The sweater dresses I've found there fit wonderfully, and the boots are often fun and different from ones in the average shoe store.

I've been crocheting and (gasp) knitting up a storm with my mother-in-law the past few days.  I'm so pleased with the projects and yarns I've been using that I'll devote a full post to them in the coming days.  She is the goddess of knitting, and just being around her seemed to make knitting a less frustrating experience.  Thank you, Mary Ann!

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