Friday, June 8, 2012

Knit Wit

I learned to crochet in January 2011.  My friend Nancy gave me a couple hooks and a few skeins of yarn when I left my job in Iowa to prepare for our move to Georgia.  Crochet has been a lifeline for me many times over the past year.  It busied my hands in the stressfully unemployed weeks before we made the big move, in the car ride to Georgia and during many anxious moments in the months after.

I have crocheted dozens of projects, the vast majority of which I have given away to friends and family.  I am quite fluent in the language of crochet. I know sc, dc, tc, ch, hdc and the rest.  I crochet in the car (when riding as a passenger), on my lunch break, in airports, on airplanes, while watching tv and any other time my full attention is not needed for the task at hand.  When it comes to crochet, I've got it.

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Knitting, in my mind, is a different animal.  My sister tried to teach me to knit a few Christmases back, and I recently found (and frogged) my first pitiful attempt.  Knitting seems like magic to me.  You wiggle your fingers and needles around and *poof* something knitted.

My mother-in-law knits absolutely gorgeous garments and accessories of all kinds.  She has knitted a few cherished items for me, but I don't want to wear out her goodwill by constantly asking for her to put her needles to my use.

On that note, I am going to give knitting anther try.  I recently saw the Kansas City Cowl in the Caron Yarns newsletter, and I want it to be mine.

It will mean learning a new language of stitches and abbreviations and buying new tools and toys, but I think I can do it.  I'll start with practicing a the knitting, purling, and frogging, and before long I'm sure it will seem as natural as crocheting.

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