Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hello people of the interwebs.

Once again I strayed from the blogging path and got lost among the weeds of real life.  The weekend before last Stephen and I spent every waking hour between Friday afternoon and Sunday night helping my mom install kitchen cabinets.  Last week was a blur of stress and activity leading up to the biggest event of the year at work.  Once that was over Stephen and I spent a weekend at the beach in Charleston, SC.  That part was divine.  I naturally feel at peace near the ocean.

Here are the highlights of that lost week.

Monday: I enjoy this outfit.  I never
thought I would like leggings this much.
Tuesday: Casual for the large amount of
work to be done.

Thursday: The only day I bothered.
This is what I wore to our event.

Hopefully I'm not just talking to myself.  If anyone is still checking, thank you.

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  1. Love the dress! So colorful! And a momentary break is never a bad thing.


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