Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I adore abalone.  I love the swirly colors and how it always reminds me of the ocean.  Stephen gave me this abalone shawl pin and my friend Angie gave me the pendant.  The pendant is in the shape of the Hei Matau- the Maori symbol of safe passage over water.

Shawl, handmade by me; dress, thrifted; shoes, Younkers; earrings, World's Window; shawl pin, gifted (thank you, Stephen); necklace, gifted (thank you, Angie).

Gadget was feeling especially helpful today.  He wouldn't stay away long enough to take dog-free photos.

The shawl is one of the first things I crocheted when I learned how in 2011.  I still love the soft bamboo yarn and sea foam color.

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