Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Under the Influenster: Meaningful Beauty Crème de Serum

I just turned 30.  I'm not anywhere remotely close to old, but I don't take good care of my skin and sometimes it shows.  My big skin accomplishment of the past year is that I now *usually* wash my face before bed.  Actually, I wipe off my makeup with a disposable face towel.  Washing my face with water is too much effort.  My other skin accomplishment is that I usually use a moisturizer.  I'm a low-achiever when it comes to taking care of my skin.

In spite of my less-than stellar track record, I was intrigued when Influester offered me the opportunity to try the Meaningful Beauty Creme de Serum.  I received it just before my birthday, and after using for almost 2 weeks I can honestly say my skin looks and feels better at 30 than it did at 29...

Here are my first impressions.

Things I like about Meaningful Beauty Creme de Serum:

  • you only need to use it once per day;
  • you can use it either in the morning or the evening;
  • it has light, clean scent;
  • it is silky, not greasy;
  • it is gentle on my sensitive skin;
  • my skin feels less dry;
  • my face looks less shiny throughout the day than with my other moisturizer;
  • my skin looks slightly more even than it did before using the Creme de Serum;
  • my face feels much smoother than it did before using the Creme de Serum.
You be the judge.  Here are two photos, taken about 10 days apart.  My perception is that my skin tone looks slightly more even.  It definitely feels smoother.  

Bare face before.
Bare face after.
I'll post another bare-faced photo once I've finished my Creme de Serum sample.  

The Meaningful Beauty Creme de Serum is available as part of a skincare system direct from Meaningful Beauty.  You can see the full purchase options for those systems on the Meaningful Beauty website.   

I'm not sure that I'll actually purchase the Creme de Serum.  I like it, but it appears that the only option for purchase online is as part of the system.  $39.99 isn't tremendously expensive for skincare, but it is a lot more than I currently spend, and the only product I know I want is the Creme de Serum.  I would be more likely to buy  if I could purchase the products separately.  I do really like the Creme de Serum, but I have other products I like for other skin purposes.  

If you are concerned about your skin and you aren't committed to other products, I would recommend trying the Meaningful Beauty system.    There is a 60 day money-back guarantee, so the only thing you'll lose is 60 days.  You can learn more about Creme de Serum and the other products available from Meaningful Beauty from the Meaningful Beauty website.  

* I received Meaningful Beauty Crème de Serum complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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