Friday, December 20, 2013

Fave Five: Last-Minute Gifts for Coworkers

This time of year can get a little awkward at the office.  Will you give cards or gifts to none?  Some?  Everyone?  I have around 30 coworkers, and I wanted to find something that I could give to everyone. Here are my ideas.

Edibles and Drinkables: If you're giving Christmas cards anyway, you can tuck a small edible gift into the envelope for pennies more.  You could pick something seasonal like a candy cane, a individually-wrapped tea bag, or a piece of (wrapped) candy or chocolate.  If you're feeling a little more ambitious, you can make individual treat bags.

I'll think of the friend who sent me
this lovely animal- print stationary
set all year long.
Personalized Office Supplies: You can find pretty or cheeky note pads in Target or Michael's dollar sections.

Ornaments: As I mentioned in last year's $5 and under gift guide, I love the way ornaments serve as tangible reminders of people and times in my life.  You can easily find ornaments for one to three dollars.

Lottery Tickets: A $1 scratch ticket could be the gift that keeps on giving.  Many coworkers already play the lottery together, and if it pays off you could be giving the gift of early retirement... or maybe one could at least cover lunch.

Hand Sanitizer: This is what each and every of my coworkers received this year.  I punched a hole in my Christmas post card and attached a hand sanitizer with a little lanyard.  Ta da!  Inexpensive, easy, and fairly unisex. Total cost including card: $1.14 each.  Extra points for using up last year's Christmas cards, but I didn't work here last year, so it's new to everyone.

This what my coworkers received this year.
Merry Christmas, sanitize your hands!

Hey!  For once this list doesn't contain affiliate links!  Good for me.  Make sure to check out my other last-minute gift guides, and merry Christmas (if it's your thing)!

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