Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fave Five: Gifts for Crafting Noobs

'Tis the season to be shopping... and the deadline is drawing near to have gifts in time for Christmas.  If you would like to give the gift of craftiness this year, here are five ways to help your friends and family acquire a new hobby.  Click any of the links below for easy purchase suggestions.

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A "class in a box" has the tools, materials,
and instructions needed to introduce
anyone to a new craft. 
Kits: Kits provide a self-contained craft experience.  Look for kits that come with the tools and supplies needed to complete the project, so the crafting noob won't be frustrated.  My friend Nancy (who also encouraged me to start crocheting) sent me an cross-stitch kit for Christmas last year.  The kit allowed me to try a new craft without the commitment of purchasing a large quantity of supplies and tools.  There are kits for beginning knitters, crocheters, beaders, embroiderers, and most any art or craft you can imagine.

Classes:  Many craft stores offer instructional classes.  Michaels and Jo-Ann Fabrics both have class lists on their website, or check your local, independent craft stores for their class offerings.

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Magazine Subscriptions:  Subscriptions are the gift that keep on giving.  New and experienced crafters can get inspiration and instruction delivered to their home on a monthly basis.  I subscribe to Crochet!, Crochet Today!, and Knit Simple.  Magazines were especially helpful when I was first learning to see the spectrum of possible projects.  Magazines typically have projects with varying levels of difficulty, so they continue to be useful as your friend's skills progress.

Quality Tools:  Good tools can make the difference between an enjoyable experience and a frustrating one.  I've received a two sets of nice crochet hooks, one set of Bamboo Crochet Hooks and one set of Soft Touch Crochet Hooks, and they were a big improvement over my cheap aluminum hooks.  Quality tools don't have to be expensive, and they are more than worth it when they save your friend's sanity.
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Good tools make any craft more fun.

Craft Subscriptions: There are craft of the month clubs for every interest, and still others that send a variety of crafts to try.  There is yarn of the month, Simply Beads kit of the month, and the Creative Woman Club.  A little googling reveals many more.

The gift of craftiness can be an enduring legacy, long after the kit is made, class is taken, and magazine is read.  Give it it this year!

You can also check out my gift guides from last year including quick crocheted gifts, quick handmade gifts, and gifts under $5.

Check back later for five gift ideas for experienced crafters.

*Disclosure: I have an Amazon Affiliate account.  This post contains lots of affiliate links.  If you purchase something, I may receive compensation.

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