Monday, December 3, 2012

Fave Five: Quick Crocheted Gifts

Christmas is coming!  I know.  I know.  It's barely December, but I love Christmas.  I look for the perfect gifts for friends and family all year, and now I'm in the midst of crafting to complete my gift list.  I love handmade gifts.  I think of handmade gifts as a way of showing the recipient that they are worth more than money.  They are worth your time.  From a practical point of view, handmade gifts can allow you stretch your gift-giving dollars to even more loved ones.

Most of the items I've crocheted have been gifts for friends and family.  Many of those gifts have taken weeks or even months to complete, but sometimes I just don't have that long.  Sometimes I want a little something extra to add to a gift I've already made or purchased, and sometimes I unintentionally overlooked someone in my gift planning and I scramble so they don't feel unloved.  Here are five of my favorite lightning quick crochet projects.  Each project can be completed in an hour or less.  Sometimes quite a bit less.
I made a matching dish cloth and potholder set by making
three nubby scrubbies dishcloths and then crocheting two
together to make the pot holder,
  • Dishcloths or Pot Holders:  Dishcloths and pot holders are great for a number of reasons.  They are quick; they are practical, and, if the recipient likes them, you can gift them year after year.  I like the Nubby Scrubbies and the Snowflake Dishcloth patterns.  Both patterns are free on Ravelry.
  • Crocheted Neckaces:  I made Beaded, Crocheted Necklaces for the friends who went on our trip to the Dominican Republic this fall.  They could be customized with any charm or memento that represents your connection with the gift's recipient.  
  • Crochet-Embelished Hoop Earrings: I first noticed crochet-embelished hoop earrings with the Lotus Earring pattern in the July/August issue of Crochet Today! magazine.  (If you crochet and don't already subscribe to Crochet Today!, you can subscribe for just $5 on Amazon through December 3.)  You can also find a number of free patterns for crocheted hoop earrings available from Ravelry.  These earrings can be funky, elegant, chunky, or delicate, depending on who you have in mind as the recipient.  
Hoop earrings small and large can be embellished with crochet.
Instructions are easily modified to fit any size earring.

  • Amigurumi Ornaments: Who wouldn't love Teeny Tiny Lobsters to decorate their Christmas Tree or just their desk?  If lobsters aren't your thing, you can try Teeny Tiny Turtles or Bunnies.  You could use these to decorate gift wrapping.
  • Collar or Scarf:  If you have someone in your life who, like me, aspires to try the Peter Pan Collar trend, the Georgette Collar is the perfect gift.  For men, one hour and one skein of super bulky yarn can yield a perfect gift that can be enjoyed all winter.
You can find more free crochet projects by visiting and searching for free patterns.

I'll be working on these and other crocheted gifts as I spend time in airports and airplanes in the coming weeks.  What is your favorite quick gift idea?  I have more coming soon.

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