Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another Turn Around the Sun

As many of you know and are tired of hearing, today is my birthday.  You may wonder why I get so excited at birthdays.  Everyone has one, and some see it as simply marking off one more year of existence.  Well, I made it through another year, and that is more than approximately 56,597,000 people annually can say.

I have now lived almost three decades (next year).  If I were a Neanderthal, I'd be a senior citizen.  In the early 20th century I would have been past middle-aged.  As it is, I'm glad that I should be in the first part of my life (Fingers crossed.  I could wake up dead tomorrow, but I hope not.).

This is my own, personal holiday where I can celebrate what make me "me."  Every year I look back at the things I've accomplished, the people I've met, and the lessons I've learned.  The experiences I've had, both good and bad, shape who I am.  I'm not afraid of getting older.  I'm not trying to hang on to the past.  I want to see and experience more and more in the coming years.    So today I'll celebrate my life- the things that have happened and the potential the future holds.  The best is yet to come.

Happy birthday to all of you too, whenever your celebration is.  :)


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