Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pack Rat: Put a Bird on It

Sorry, citizens of Portland, but when I think of Portland I think of the Portlandia sketch "Put a Bird On It."

I know.  I'm sorry.  All the people I know in the real world who are in and from Portland are pretty terrific, but my mind is a little poisoned by television.  Who would have thought that could happen.

Because of my mind poisoning, I've developed a little theme for my visit to Portland.  I'm putting a bird on it, and by "it" I mean me.  I am bringing bird jewelry and accessories to accent my Portland wardrobe.  Make sure to check back to spot them all.
  • Bird jewelry and accessories
  • Three dresses: two leopard print, two shirt dresses (It's a riddle.)
  • One pair of boots
  • One pair of flats
  • Skinny jeans
  • Four sweaters
  • A turtleneck
  • Tights
  • eShakti trench coat
  • A scarf
I ended up tossing my idea of leopard and polka dots.  Too much work.  I kept the leopard and lost the dots.  Once again I feel like I'm over packed, but I am planning on layering layering layering against the cold in Portland.

This is what I'm wearing for the trip there (along with my first birds).

This wasn't what I was planning on wearing on the plane, but I found this sweater on clearance at Target yesterday and it look so much like Gadget.  It even has a pouty face like Gadget.  I threw the sweater over one of my two shirt dresses for the trip, added some boots, birds, and tights, and I am ready to go.

Sweater, Target; shirt dress, thrifted; tights, Target; boots, Rack Room Shoes; earrings, purchased on the Las Vegas trip; bracelet, ebay.
Gadget pouting (for comparison with the sweater).

Ok, those birds weren't hard to find.  Check back next week for some that might be a little harder to spot.  

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