Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pack Rat: Viva Las Vegas

Sequins, animal print, and sequined animal
print.  Plus my beloved running shoes.
 It's all there.
Me: I'm going to let my freak flag fly in Las Vegas.

Stephen: I know.  I saw the freaky menagerie piled in your suitcase.

Gracey at Fashion for Giants hit the nail on the head with her suggestions for my Las Vegas trip.  She said sequins, animal print, and sequined animal print.  I already have all three in my suitcase.  Freaky menagerie indeed.

It will be even harder than normal for me to avoid over-packing for this trip because I plan on wearing different clothes for day and evening at least some days.
  • Two short, sparkly dresses for nights on the town.  One is red.  One is black.  I can't wait to wear them.
  • A slightly cropped wool suit jacket from Goodwill to wear with the dresses.  Apparently even Las Vegas has winter.  I'm a little disappointed that it will be cold there too.  
  • Large, tacky rhinestone jewelry from our trip to India.
  • An animal print dress because of course I'm bringing an animal print dress.
  • Three sweaters.  Stupid winter.
  • Two tops.
  • A long sleeve t-shirt to wear under a sweater.
  • Skinny jeans to wear with sweaters.
  • An animal print pencil skirt to wear with sweaters.
  • Tights in a couple colors.
  • Two belts: one for holding my pants up and one for fashion.
  • Heels to pair with the little dresses.
  • Boots.
  • Flats.  I tried so hard to stick to just heels and boots, but I caved in the end.
  • Swimsuit.  Just in case.
  • Athletic apparel and shoes.
I'm excited and a little nervous for the trip.  I'm always excited and a little nervous before travel, but the adventure is worth the anxiety.


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