Monday, October 29, 2012

Shell Game

Our trip to the Dominican Republic was great because of the people who accompanied us.  The group ended up having four men and four women.  The men were fun.  The women were amazing.  There was so much sisterhood going on we should have been issued traveling pants.

In addition to Angie (whom I've mentioned here before),  we were joined by Katie and Tamara.  I had met Katie when I lived in Iowa but didn't know her well, and Tamara was new to me.  By day two it was as if we had been besties for years.  It would have been weird except it was so damn cool.  When I got home I was filled to bursting with warm fuzzies, and I wanted to make something for these extraordinary women.

I decided on crocheted necklaces because I could use some of the pretty sea shells I picked up on the trip and because these necklaces are sturdy and wearable enough for SCUBA girls.

Shell Game Crocheted Necklaces
Better than selling sea shells by the sea shore, these were free.

  • crochet thread
  • sea shells
  • glass seed beads


  • Drill with 1/16" bit
  • flexible beading needle
  • 1.4 mm crochet hook

I carefully drilled a hole in each of the four shells I chose for the necklaces using the 1/16 inch bit.   I drilled into a piece of scrap wood so I didn't damage the table.
After drilling the holes I added a small stainless steel split ring to make it hang nicely on the string.

Assembling the necklace couldn't be easier because the only crochet stitch you need to know is the chain stitch.  The most labor-intensive part of the process is stringing the beads.  Strining the beads is much easier using a flexible beading needle.  I used approximately 130 seed beads on each of the four necklaces.  I placed the shell midway through the beads

I simply joined the ends and tied them off when the necklaces were the length I wanted.  These  necklaces are very long, so they can be worn at a number of lengths depending on how many times you loop them.  I wear my crocheted necklaces on their own or layered with silver and gold necklaces for a different look.


  1. Love my necklace! Thanks Jeanne!! :)


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