Monday, October 29, 2012

Breaking the Rules

Today I broke one of my few rules, but I have a thought-out defense of my actions.  I am almost wearing leggings as pants.  I know.  Shame on me.  Let me explain.  They're not really leggings.  They are athletic pants.  Usually I wear them for jogging, but today I wanted something fitted that I could wear with boots.

Sweater, Charlotte Russe, thrifted; pants, Danskin, Walmart; boots, Presario, Rack Room Shoes; pendant, ebay.

Other than the questionable choice in pants, I had the Song of Ice and Fire on my mind when I got dressed this morning.  This sweater reminds me of chainmail.  (I purchased it at Goodwill with Chenille on the same trip as my cowboy jacket.)  I added a wolf  pendant for some Stark realness.

Do you forgive me for breaking the rules?  How do you style calf-high boots?  


  1. I forgive you, but only because you look so darn cute! Well and because you know leggings should never be worn as pants.

  2. I read somewhere that there ar fleece-lined leggings! So they're form fitting, but they're too thick to see through. That might be your loophole right there.


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