Monday, October 22, 2012

Pack Rat: Dominican Edition

I've never packed so
The wardrobe for my trip to the Dominican Republic could hardly have been more different than it was in India.  In India I focused on modesty, and this trip will include a lot more typical beachwear.

I used the opportunity to pack light with the intention of washing some of the clothes in the sink during the week.  All of the clothes and shoes I packed for the week fit in one carry-on bag.

I planned on wearing running capris or shorts during the day and dresses at night, with swimsuits interspersed at all hours.  I also intended to keep up my running during the week, so I needed supportive tops and running shoes.

I brought four tunic-length tops.  I wore them as swimsuit cover ups at the pool and beach and also wore them around town with running capris standing in for leggings.

I brought five dresses (one not pictured).  The bottom two dresses are ones that are a little on the scandalous side for most of my real life, but stepping outside of real life is what vacation is all about.

I brought four swimsuits (three bikinis and a tankini), and I wish I had more.  I spent a large part of the days in the water.

I brought two pairs of running capris that I also wore as leggings, three athletic tops, and my one pair of shorts.  I don't wear shorts, and I really don't like them so owning one pair is more than enough.  I bring them when I go on this type of vacation, but that's about it.  Next time I might leave the shorts at home and bring an extra pair of running capris.

The two areas in which I failed to pack light were shoes and jewelry.  I brought two pairs of walking sandals, a pair of flip-flops, a pair of heels, and my running shoes.  I wore the flip-flops, the running shoes, and the heels (once).  It's only because the rest of my packing was fairly light that the five pairs of shoes didn't present a problem.  

I make no apologies for the jewelry.  It takes up so little space that it doesn't really matter that I didn't wear most of it.

Choosing clothing that can multi-task and washing clothes in the sink allowed me to eliminate a lot of baggage, but I learned things that will allow me to pack even lighter next time.  Now I just need to plan the next trip!

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