Friday, October 5, 2012

New to Me: Swapped and Shopped

I can't say enough great things about the Clothing Swap I attended on Sunday.  It was so much fun, and it was a great opportunity to try some new styles and share fun items that were just collecting dust in my closet.  I highly recommend reading Sally's post about organizing a swap of your own.

Sally was nice enough to share some of her photos from the evening.

What get together is complete without wine finger foods?  I was thrilled to meet these charming ladies and share the home-brewed beer I brought to the party.

Sally designs clothing, so she has lots of racks to display the clothes to be swapped.  It was very well organized.
 The "shopping" experience was chaotic but fun.  I can't get over how nice everyone was.
I feel like the event was a win just because I got rid of three bags of unwanted clothes from my closet.  The great finds I took home with me were just a bonus.

In addition to the blue polka dot dress I wore Monday, I found two more dresses and two tops at the swap.  It's easy to try new things when the investment cost is so low.
The pattern on this dress
reminds me of owls' eyes.
Not too much of a sartorial
stretch, but I like what I like.

With mesh and embroidery,
this should be fun to style.
I've been wanting a lace top
for layering.  This one is lovely.

I also made a quick and highly unnecessary stop at Goodwill this week, and I found a few more gems there.
This dress feels effortlessly
cool and I love the true green color.
The ivory lace is very
classic and romantic.

This navy and white zebra print
denim skirt is handmade.
If the question is: lobster print skirt?
The answer is Yes!

This is why I prefer thrifting to shopping at regular stores.  The finds are just out of this world!  I'm excitedly plotting my fall and winter wardrobe, and thrifting makes it inexpensive to fill in any gaps I may find.

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