Friday, October 26, 2012


It's interesting how clothing and mood/self-perception are intertwined.  Today's outfit just makes me feel pretty.  Cue the West Side Story soundtrack.

Commence twirling.  I also like how that song connects feeling pretty with being out of one's mind.  That's the kind of clothing I want in my closet- things that help me see the best in myself rather than focusing on my worst.

Dress, Apt. 9, thrifted; belt, Walmart; boots, Merona, Target; cicada earrings, Christine Domanic, etsy; chainmaille necklace, Trinkets By M, etsy.
I tempered the super-sweetness of the lace dress with the boots and jewelry.  Cicada earrings go with everything, right?  
The photo bomber strikes again.  He wanted to know
what I was doing.

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