Thursday, October 25, 2012

Targeted for Fall

Do you ever feel like a store really has your number?  I hate that feeling.  I don't want to like everything because it's just too expensive and/or frustrating.  Target seems to have me figured out for fall.  I stopped in for a can of tuna fish and was immediately sucked into the clothing.

The first thing that caught my eye was, of course, leopard print on clearance.
Image Credit: Target
This Kirna Zabete trench coat has a
leopard/kiss print.  The leopard spots are made of
You should have seen the look on
the sales girl's face when I asked
try on this leopard trench with my leopard
dress, cardi, purse, and shoes.
Next I saw jewel-tone, lace-overlay pencil skirts.  Beautiful!
Image Credit: Target
This skirt comes in black (meh), cobalt blue (!),
emerald green (!), and fuchsia (!).
I tried on cobalt and emerald.
Side note: I probably need a size up,
but all the jogging I've been
doing has been good for my rear view.

I couldn't help but make a bee line for this airy chiffon top.  (I know, I deserve to be pun-ished for that one.)
Image Credit: Target
Can't you imagine it with my bumble bee
necklace and earrings?
Bee-print top and emerald lace skirt.

Close-up of the adorable bee print.

Then I saw a baroque floral print pencil skirt and a sequined mini skirt.  Are you kidding?  I'm working on a post with fall styles I'd like to try and baroque and sequined are on the list!  Target is fighting dirty.
Image Credit: Target
I love this print.  
Image Credit: Target
They even have a leopard print sweater skirt.  
Image Credit: Target
Warm and cozy and leopard and want it!
Surprisingly I left without buying any of these tempting treasures.  They weren't on my list.  I'll think about them.  I'll lust over them.  I'll probably wait to go back until I think they should be on clearance and instead they'll be gone and I'll be sad.

So if you're in the market for some of the items above, check out Target's selection.  If you're trying to avoid spending every penny you have, consider yourself warned.  

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