Friday, October 19, 2012

Going to the Dogs

Warning: this post is about dogs.  Come back another day for fashion.

I take a lot of pictures of my dogs.  A whole lot.  I take more photos of my dogs than I do of myself, and I take a lot of photos of myself.  Since most of my blog readers are not my Facebook friends, you may not realize the depth of my dog-related neurosis pathology devotion.  Yes, I am that Facebook friend, but instead of posting pictures of children, I post dog photos way too much.
Our cast of characters (from left): Gadget, my mom's dog Dixie, and Wonton

Gadget and Dixie have developed an adorable bond since my mom moved to Georgia, but they have very different temperaments.  Gadget is forever exploring new things.  He will climb high and crawl low to investigate.
Kisses- because they love each other.

Gadget loves sitting on our deck railing.
That's a very threatening laundry basket.

Pumping iron: how Gadget keeps his figure.

Wonton has slowly and grudgingly decided that she likes Gadget too.  She even plays with him occasionally.  That's saying a lot for a 14-year-old dog. These days most of Wonton's action shots are inaction shots, but, again, she is 14.
As the weather has gotten cooler, the cuddling has become more intense.

She suffers many sartorial indignities at my hands.
Wonton has even warmed to Dixie a little bit.
These days Wonton's favorite person is Stephen.
(Yes, that is a giant plate of bacon that he's sharing.)

And that is pizza crust.

Gadget says he's carry-on size.
As you may have guessed, I have not been around the past few days.  I've been in the Dominican Republic.  I'll share my vacation photos soon, but for now feast your eyes on these puppies.

Thanks to my mom for watching our dogs and house while we're out of town.  I know they're in good hands with you!

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