Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Leather & Lace

I want to love this dress.  I love the lace, and I like it with this embroidered leather jacket, but the fit is just wrong.  I can't make it right.  I think this will be the last time on the blog for this dress.  It is going into the swap pile.

Jacket, thrifted; dress, thrifted; boots, Rack Room Shoes; tights, Target; earrings, gifted (thanks Sue/Kristin!); necklace, ebay.

The leather/lace sweet/tough dichotomy is a bit overused, but it is used so much because it works.  It creates visual interest and contrast between colors, shapes, and textures that makes the outfit more visually appealing.

I have been over-wearing these earrings, but it is so hard not to.  They are delicate and pretty, and they hang just so.

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  1. Let me try it on before you send it away forever!


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