Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oh Snap! Day 1: Colors and Moods

Here's my first attempt of the Oh Snap! photography challenge.  Today's show was supposed to be a sunset.  I've been wanting to photograph a sunset, but the sun didn't cooperate today.  It was misty and grey all day- fading into darker grey as the day ended.
 I chose my new orchid as a substitute subject.  I read that flowers photograph well against a black backdrop, but I didn't have a black backdrop.  Instead I chose my red dining room wall as the background because I like how the red contrasts with the blue of the flowers.  I should have used a tripod to keep the camera steadier for a sharper photo.  I should have done something different with the lighting.  These orchids were a Christmas gift from my mother in law.  Thank you, Mary Ann!

One more bonus photo from Christmas morning.  I like how this close-up shot captures the moment in the details while losing the identities.

Day one: done!  I'll describe my goals and results as I go.  Feel free to comment with tips or suggestions!

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