Monday, September 24, 2012

Losing Space and Time

The trips to and from India were surreal.  It took three planes and over twenty-seven hours each way.  I could also measure it as eight in-flight meals, at least 15 beverages, 10.5 movies, and three continents.  By the time I got where I was going, I had no idea what the local time or even date was.  You know you are traveling way, way too long when you are in flight long enough to watch ten and a half movies.

The food was already devoured by the time I took out the camera.  I was hungry.
Please note the lovely Corona.  Thank you, Delta.
Because we flew Delta and Delta affiliates, we had complimentary beer and wine in the economy section.  Yay Delta!  It made the fact that my not-especially-long legs touched the seat in front of me slightly more bearable.

Because I watched so very many movies, I am sharing my reactions to each of the films.  Learn from my mistakes.

Young Adult: Charlize Theron stars as a newly divorced YA fiction writer who returns to her hometown to (unsuccessfully) seduce her happily married ex-boyfriend.  I got a kick out of this movie.  I enjoyed that the characters were deeply flawed yet utterly realistic.

Horrible Bosses:  Horrible movie.  Not sure why I picked it.  Really not sure why I finished it.

This Means War: I watched this one on the Amsterdam to Mumbai flight because it was the only movie showing.  While I think Reese Witherspoon is adorable, this movie is pretty much the worst romantic comedy has to offer.

The Avengers: I like superhero movies, but this one wasn't one of the best.  I love Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, so he made the rest of the movie worth it to me.

Image Credit: IMBD
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: This movie follows a group of British retirees who move to India to live in the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  This was the perfect movie to watch on the way back from India because many of the scenes stuck me as right on point.  Also, I love old people and I love Judi Dench.  This one is worth watching.

Dark Shadows: Oh Johnny Depp, where did you go wrong?

Men in Black III: This movie met my not-very-high expectations.  The only thing it was missing was the pug, and that was most of the reason I chose this movie.

Image Credit: IMBD
Brave: Brave is an animated movie about a princess in Scotland who craves independence and adventure.  It was fun.  I liked that it was a princess movie in which the princess wasn't married at the end.  Being married is great, but it isn't the only way to be great.

Wanderlust: A couple from Manhattan moves south and stumbles upon a free-love commune.  Don't bother.

Snow White and the Huntsman: This retelling of Snow White wasn't all bad.  I love that for most of the movie Charlize Theron's hideous old face looked like she might have pulled an all-nighter involving tequila and salty food.  She looked tired and a little bloated, but who wouldn't still love to look like her?  I also find it beyond ridiculous to suggest that Kristen Stewart would ever be found fairer than Ms. Theron.

The Hunger Games: I resisted watching this until the very last bit of my last flight.  I really enjoyed the books, and I didn't want my unreasonable expectations about what the movie should be to ruin it for me.  (Just ask Stephen, I'm impossible when we try to watch the Game of Thrones series together.)  I only got to watch the first half, but I enjoyed what I saw, and I will definitely rent it sometime soon.

If I hadn't had so much time on my hands, I probably wouldn't have finished (or started) many of these movies.  My "worth it" selections are Young Adult, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and The Hunger Games (unless it goes downhill after the part I watched).  My "maybe" choices are The Avengers, Men in Black III, Brave, and Snow White and the Hunstman.  I wouldn't bother with the rest of them.  

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