Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Running Sole Mates

I've been jogging regularly again since June, and my running shoes have about run out.  I've been dreading shopping for running shoes because running is not something that comes easily to me.  I have started to enjoy it.  I have started to love it.  But the specter of injury hangs over me and I want to do everything I can to continue to be able to jog and have fun doing it.

I had a wish list for my ideal pair:
  1. Available in size 11.5.  It is even harder for me to find running shoes that regular ones because I need a half size larger.  
  2. Cushioned.  I am somewhat massive, and it's not fair to my joints if I pound the pavement in shoes that don't give them any relief.
  3. Stability.  I over-pronate, especially with my right foot.  It throws off the alignment of my ankles and makes my knees hurt if my shoes don't give me enough support.
  4. Colorful.  Dammit, I want colorful shoes.  
  5. Women's.  I have been forced to buy men's running shoes too many times because women's ones didn't come in my size.  Now I live in the age of internet.  Never again.
  6. On sale.  You've read this blog before, right?
After making an endless pilgrimage to what seemed like every shoe store in the greater metro area, I still had not found what I was looking for, then I remembered bullet number five above and hit the web.  Within a few minutes I located these beauties on Amazon.
Image Credit: Amazon
These are some sharp shoes.
Image Credit: Amazon
This is what it will look like
if I'm about to run you over.
Image Credit: Amazon
This is what it will look like
if I have just run you over.

ASICS calls them the Gel-Neo33 Running Shoe.  I am pleased to call them mine.  

They come with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee, so I wasn't quite as apprehensive about buying running shoes on the internet.  

I have jogged in ASICS for the past few years, and (because I'm a dork) I love that the name is derived from the Latin phrase "anima sana in corpore sano" meaning a sound mind in a sound body.  That's what I'm going for.

The shipping policies page says most orders arrive in three to five business days.  My toes can hardly wait.

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