Friday, September 28, 2012

The Best Around (Unless Leopard Becomes Available)

My new shoe loves, the ASICS Women's Gel-Neo33 Running Shoe arrived last night.  I am very impressed with the lightning-fast shipping since I just ordered them Tuesday night.

See, matchy matchy, no makeup,
sleepy face.
Visually they are everything I wanted them to be.  They are so beautiful to me that I did something I never do.  I planned my workout outfit in advance to coordinate with my shoes.  Usually I wear whatever is on top of the pile to work out.

I've been jogging with my mom, and she was sick this morning.  Some days I would have used that as an excuse to skip the gym, but today I was on a mission to try out these shoes.

My first impression of the ASICS in action is great.  I'm very happy with the stability, cushioning, and sole flexibility.   I managed to look up from my feet long enough that I didn't run into any walls.

I'll jog in these for a few weeks and, if I'm still happy, I'll probably order another pair.  Finding this pair was such a hassle that it would be nice to know I am set for a while.

Stephen mentioned last night that he was surprised I didn't get leopard print running shoes.  Attention all shoe companies: please make leopard print running shoes.  I will buy a lifetime supply.

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  1. Those shoes are so cute! I hate running with a fiery passion, but those would make me want to run.


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