Thursday, September 27, 2012

Something Fishy

I think of the color of this dress in different terms depending on my mood.  Some days it is melon, sometimes it is tangerine, and today it is salmon.  There must be something fishy afoot.  (I had to pause for a giggling fit after I typed that.  For some reason it struck me as very funny to type "afoot" because fish do not have feet.)

Dress, Boston Proper, thrifted; goldfish pin/pendant, purchased in Cozumel; hoop earrings, who knows where; sandals, Born, Younkers.

This dress is a little bit fishy.  From some angles it looks great, and from some angles it looks like a tent.  It is probably a little too big.


  1. Love that pink on you!

  2. You laugh at "fishy afoot," I'll keep laughing at "cod loins."


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