Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Ready for a magic trick?  Watch how a piece of leather went from being a beat-up mini-skirt to a snazzy geometric necklace.

I've been wanting to experiment with some leather crafts, so I stopped by Goodwill and dug this skirt out of the clearance section.  Yes, even Goodwill has a clearance section.  The whole skirt was $1.75, which is far less than even a very small piece of leather at the craft store.

I ripped the skirt apart at the seams with a seam ripper until I had the component pieces.  I saved the zipper for a future project and sorted the leather pieces.  I used a pattern that was intended for felt jewelry, and laid the pieces out to use the leather as efficiently as possible.  I only used a small piece of the skirt for this necklace.
I cut three rough pieces, then cut out additional details.  I used scissors for the basic shape and an x-acto knife for details.


I joined the front and side pieces with jump rings and added a snap closure.  Here are the results!

Dress, swapped; sandals, Younkers; earrings, Claire's; necklace, see above!

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